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  • Boarding at 9 pm, disembarking at 1 am

  • Cruise in New York Bay, with a view to the fireworks of the Statue of Liberty

  • Standing Italian buffet prepared by San Matteo

  • Midnight toast included

  • DJ 100% from New York

  • Minimum age 21 years old

 Celebrate New Year with us, with style, having New York in your eyes, with the energy of welcoming a new year in Cabana’s boat. You will be able to admire Manhattan’s skyline and the wonderful view of the fireworks of the Statue of Liberty. You will spend a lovely evening with delicious food and DJ music. Make your New Year’s celebration something unforgettable!

How to get to the pier? 

We advise you to download an app such as Uber, Juno, Lyft, to reach to your destination without any problems or get a taxi on the street. We also remind you that the metro service is 24/7. You just have to take the green line 4, 5, 6, and get off at 23rd station. To go back, you only have to do the reverse route.

How long will the cruise last?

Between boarding and disembarking, it will last about 4 hours.

How many persons will participate?

Unlike other cruises that host between 500 and 600 people, ours will have a maximum capacity of 250 people.

What does “standing buffet” mean?

It’s a boat party, so there will be no tables. The idea is to be standing and dance during the cruise following the rhythm of the music. Since it is a “standing” activity, the participation of elderly people is not advised.

What if I want something to drink?

We will have a bar in our boat where you can order and have fun. Reasonable prices.

Do I have a dress-code?

Men's dress-code : No Sneakers, No baggy Jeans.
Our recommendation: Stylish dress jeans, button down shirt and black shoes, or suit.
Women's dress-code: No sneakers, no baggy jeans or shorts. 
Our recommendation: Stylish evening attire with comfortable stylish shoes.

What if there are extreme weather conditions that would not allow the cruise to sail?

In case of extreme weather conditions, if the Captain has to issue a navigation ban, in New York it is customary to reimburse 15% of the ticket and perform the party inside the boat at the dock.

What happens if I’m late for boarding?

The cruise will not be refunded. It is a unique event with limited capacity.

What if I want to keep partying after 1 am?

You can go by the streets of New York, enter a pub and share with the real New Yorkers.

May I cancel my reservation?

Within 48 hours after reservation you will get full refund. After this time, it will not be possible.

Can I participate if I am not 21 years old?

We will serve alcoholic beverages, therefore it is an activity not suitable for people under 21 years old.

Will you take videos during the evening?

Those participating in this event agree to be recorded in our videos.

Where is the pier located?

Here it is the map.

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